BodyWhys Youth Canada is a nationally registered charity, based in Calgary, focused on the prevention of eating disorders and self-harm in youth.

Meaghan Buisson – a world record holder in the sport of inline speed skating – knows first hand what it’s like to battle eating disorders and self-harm. Her personal experience turned into a passion for prevention. She founded BodyWhys in 2010. And as of December 2012, BodyWhys has already reached 2637 adults and 3660 school-aged children through its adult workshops and youth presentations.

This website is designed for parents of children aged 8-13, to help them become more aware of the warning signs of eating disorders and self-harm, and better equipped in how to prevent them.

GetWhys Presentations

Eating disorders and self-harm are having a tremendous impact on your society and yet they are widely misunderstood. Consequently, victims suffer quietly for years, die from related complications or take their own lives.

Prevention is key - and prevention starts with knowing what to look for, what to do and how to react.

BodyWhys goes beyond information to provide knowledge and direction at a time when parents, educators, and children need it most. Adult workshops and youth presentations provide age-appropriate answers and hope in a clear and actionable way. It's time to "get whys".