Prevention starts with understanding. By understanding the causes of eating disorders and self-harm, we can help foster healthier alternatives. Parents, educators, friends and the media can all play a role in prevention.

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Eating disorders and self-harm are very hard to detect because they are often done in secret. Children struggling with an eating disorder or self-harm do everything they can to hide their behaviour.

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The behaviours associated with eating disorders and self-harm do not go away by themselves. In fact, left unchecked, both can become progressively worse. The first step to recovery is acknowledging there's a problem.

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The best treatment for an eating disorder is... preventing it

BodyWhys Youth Canada is a national charity that deals with the #1 chronic illness facing today’s youth with a powerful and unprecedented approach: prevention. The key to prevention is educating parents and other adults about warning signs that can appear as early as age 4. Through our website, adult workshops and classroom presentations - it’s time to get ‘whys’.



To create a community where all youth have the social support, physical resources and mental resiliency to grow up healthy and happy - free from disordered eating and self-harming behaviours.